I’ve devoted my professional life to working with individuals and organizations on promoting positive and inclusive work environments. Through my own personal and professional experience in a wide range of organizations, I’ve come to understand the crucial need for a new and effective approach to understanding and managing employee’s needs as a core part of the business strategy. 

During the past 15 years, I’ve worked with leading organizations on developing their diversity and inclusion programs, and have guided a variety of companies through working out complex organizational challenges. I work with both managers and employees, providing consulting and coaching services, as well as workshops and training. In addition, I give lectures and talks dealing with common issues at work, such as stress, communication, dealing with people who are different, and working effectively across teams and departments.

My work is grounded in the latest psychology and neurological findings, and I am committed to finding solutions that work for people and organizations.
 - Irit Hovich

Academic Background

BA in Behavioral Sciences, Ben Gurion University
BA in Social Work, Bar Ilan University
Masters in Social Work (MSW) with a focus in group facilitation, Tel Aviv University
Certified Psychotherapist, Ben Gurion University