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Diversity Management Calculator

Welcome to “Grand Staff”’s Diversity Management Calculator

Diversity and the existence of personal differences have always been a part of the organizational landscape. Profound social and economic changes which accrued over the last years, turned Diversity Management and Inclusive Leadership to core factors in the financial success of every company, as well as it’s innovation and brand. We no longer can underestimate the importance of managing the generational gaps, or gender inequality. Also, most of the companies want to recruit and retain talent from all groups of Israeli society from economic and social reasons.

Not managing diversity is costly to the organization in many ways.

For this calculator we are defining diversity as differences between employees and managers, such as age, gender, cultural, religion or social background, sexual orientation, the existence of disabilities from any kind.

The costs we propose to look at are the main factors related to the issue of Diversity Management in research and field practice.

1.    Employee Engagement – A sense of connection, loyalty, motivation, accountability.

2.    Conflicts – Interpersonal conflicts related to the relationships and interactions between employees, managers and different teams.

3.    Turnover – leaves of employees associated with the organizational culture and the relationships in the team and with the direct manager.

Let’s calculate:


There are eight questions. The estimated time for filling the form is under 2 minutes. To increase the accuracy of the estimation, please answer all the questions. If you don’t know the exact answer, please give your closest best estimate.

1. How many people are on your team/group?