Inclusive Leadership Workshop

Inclusive Leadership is a new perspective on management that fosters accepting employees for who they are, allowing them to contribute their unique abilities and views, and treating them fairly, taking into consideration their individual needs and interests.

The Inclusive Leadership workshop is a first-of-its-kind comprehensive training program for developing inclusive leadership skills. The program focuses on practical tools to master leadership challenges with employees from generation Y and Z, gender and sexual orientation differences, cultural gaps, and more.


Duration: Flexible scope, according to the organization's needs and target audience


Target audience: C-level, middle management, first line managers


Areas of focus:

  • Building relationships 

  • Effective feedback 

  • Conflict management for individual and teams

  • Managing diverse people & cultures



During the workshop, leadership will learn to master structured tools for inclusive local and global management and implement the practices in their day-to-day management routine. The new tools and perspectives will foster greater sensitivity and a better ability to engage and retain employees, as well as improve a team’s creativity, performance, and psychological safety.