I work with companies to develop a targeted people strategy that aligns with business growth and development. The process includes conducting a comprehensive mapping and analysis of HR data to identify specific issues of concern, and working closely with the HR team to develop and implement the plan.


No matter what industry you're in, people are your most valuable asset and pose the most challenges to manage. An effective people strategy is crucial for business success.

Whether you're dealing with organizational change or facing recruitment challenges, I help you improve your bottom line through successful people management.

Areas of Focus


  • Recruitment & Hiring - improve and diversify your employer brand and boost your selections and on-boarding methodologies, including special plans for diverse employees

  • Retention & Attrition - significantly improve retention by developing a meaningful and inclusive work environment and professional relationships 

  • Leadership Training & Development - develop innovative and effective training plans for senior, mid-level, and front line managers

  • Employee Engagement - understand the real social, psychological, and professional needs of your employees and build a personalized plan to drive authentic engagement

  • Diversity Management - develop a unique inclusion strategy, business case, and implementation plan and lead your company to true diversity and inclusion


Irit conducted a series of training sessions during an organizational change that she led. During the training, she displayed outstanding skill as a facilitator. Irit knows how to adjust the content to the participants’ characteristics and needs, to achieve effective results in developing awareness, and to provide practical tools for employees across all levels.

— Yaron Hadari, VP, Head of Resources, Ashdod Port